Administrator Task Reporting

Administrators with manager rights can access summary reports for themselves and their teams to understand productivity and to quickly check detailed changes to sample the work quality.

Reports are available when logged on with a RadioTime account that includes editor or manager rights.

Summary Reports

Production Summary Report Page

Team and Date Filter

  1. Select an administrator. You should find everyone on your team.
  2. Click the “Team” check box to include a summary total for the team and information on each member.
  3. Select the date range for the report. (As of Dec 12) the end date is not inclusive, so select a day beyond the period to be covered.

Team Task Summary

The report includes a table summarizing tasks for you or your team. The report should help you understand your current work backlog by person.

  • Columns show added, closed and open tasks for the period.

To be clear, the open column is how many tasks were created before the start date and not closed before the end date. Open includes tasks now closed for any closed after the end date.

  • Sub-columns break out the “Feedback” tasks, or items created by listeners pressing “tell us to fix it.”
  • If you’ve selected the team checkbox, you’ll see a row for each member and a total row.

To drill down into the individual tasks included in the total, click View admin task report” under the table.

Team Change Summary

This section organizes the number of changes made during the period — independent of tasks closed.

  • Changes are summarized by the data type, station, program, schedule or stream.
  • “Added” means the item was added.
  • “Updated” counts the total updates for the item. Updating a title and city counts as 2.
  • “Changed” counts the total total updates made. For example, if you change title and city and click “save,” that is one update. If you change title, click “save,” then change city, click “save,” that is two updates. In either case, “changed” will be 1.
  • The ratio of updates to changes shows the average number of changes per record.
  • “Deleted” shows the number of items removed. These are not included in the changed count.
  • “Open Tasks” are the items updated as part of a task still open.
  • “Closed Tasks” are the items updated as part of a task now closed.

Individual Change Summary

Use this section to see activity by person and to drill into specific changes for the person to review quality.

The individual Change Summary includes links from the data types. Clicking a link will open a list of all the individual field changes by the person for the date range.