Daily Guide Master

The Daily Guide Master Integrity Check Error Report overlaps with the Daily Guide Program Integrity Check Error Report and should be revisited.


  • To be determined

Report Information

  • Distribution: cms@radiotime.com
  • Responsible: To be determined
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Typical count: 900 items

Interior Sections

Move to New Daily Station Report

  • Streamless stream station: These streaming only stations have no streams. Please update or delete.
  • Disabled stream stream station: These streaming only stations have only disabled streams. Please update or delete.
  • Child stream station: It does not make sense for a streaming only station to be a child.

Redundant With Program Report

  • Orphan Programs: These programs are not in any schedules, have no listenable topics and have a URL of less than 5 characters.
  • Duplicate schedules: These schedules have identical program IDs, station IDs, start time/days and durations as other schedules.
  • Schedule collisions: These schedules assign multiple programs to the same time-slot.

Redundant With Stream Report

  • Wrong URL: These streams have an obviously bad URL.
  • Unknown MediaType: These streams have an unknown media type. Will attempt to auto correct.


  • Replace with daily station/stream report