Schedule Import

The Schedule Import Status Report allows monitoring of updates applied from PRF sources.


  • To be determined

Report Information

  • Distribution:
  • Responsible: Manually assigned
  • Frequency: Weekly (Sunday at 1:00 a.m.?)
  • Typical count: 100 items
  • Tasks: New and updated programs are assigned as tasks

Interior Sections

  • Import summary
  • New programs: These programs were added.
  • Program content change: Program data changed since last import.
  • Unmapped stations: These stations aren’t mapped to a RadioTime station.
  • Active status mismatch stations: The active status of these stations does not match the import.
  • Expired program mapping: The PRF program this program was mapped too no longer exists.
  • Expired station mapping: The PRF station this station was mapped to no longer exists.
  • Dupe program mapping: The program is mapped to multiple programs.
  • Child station mapping: Importing schedules to a child station.


  • Manually add unmapped stations and assign update/dedupe task
  • Add tasks for active status, expired program, expired station, dupe program and child station