Team Affiliates and Schedules

There are four major steps to reviewing and updating team affiliates and schedules:

  1. Review and reconcile affiliate source list with RadioTime.
  2. Import regular season schedules.
  3. Spot-check stations to ensure coverage.
  4. Add or change post-season schedules or special events.

Review and Reconcile Affiliate Source List With RadioTime

Assigned to: Data entry team

Purpose: This task involves comparing a team’s official list of affiliates with the affiliate list in the RadioTime database and updating RadioTime if necessary. This step is crucial in assuring that a team’s coverage can be found on the appropriate station.

  1. In RadioMill, click on “Manage affiliations.”
  2. Select the team’s network in the drop-down box, and click “Review.”
  3. Click on the “Web URL” link to open the official affiliate list for the team network. It is best practice to open this link in a new tab or new window.
    • If the page still exists and appears to contain updated information for the current season, make no changes.
    • If there is no link, the page does not exist or the information is outdated:
      1. Visit the league or conference Web site and look for each team’s radio network / affiliate information. If none is available, visit each team’s Web site.
        • League, conference and team Web sites are typically easy to find using Google.
        • NCAA affiliate information can typically be found:
          • Under main navigation buttons titled “Multimedia,” “Athletic Department” or other similar names
          • Under each sports individual Web page. Many times it’s linked as a PDF in a column on the right or in the sport’s media guide.
          • As a news article in the current year’s news archive
          • By searching for “radio network” or “radio affiliates”
      2. Copy the link location for each team’s radio network, and put it into the Web URL field.
      3. Click “Save.”
  4. Compare the affiliate list with the official list you just opened.
  5. Remove any obsolete station(s).
    1. On the affiliate page, click on the station to be removed.
    2. On that station’s page, go to the Affiliation section.
    3. Click on the team network name in the right box.
    4. Click the left-pointing arrow to remove the team network name from the box.
    5. Click “Save.”
    6. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Add any missing station(s).
    1. On the affiliate page, type the station call sign or name in the search box, you’ll see a list of matching names as you type.
    2. Click the link of the appropriate station on the list.
    3. Click “Add Station.”
    4. Repeat as necessary.
  7. Review the updated RadioTime affiliations page to ensure that it matches the official list.

Import Regular Season Schedules

Assigned to: Developers

Because of the format of season schedules and our ability to automate the process, regular season schedules are added to the RadioTime database by developers.

If you see a schedule that needs to be added, please request that a developer import it.

Spot-Check Stations to Ensure Coverage / Quality of Coverage

Assigned to: Associate Editors

  • Detail needed: What are the steps to do this?

Add or Change Post-Season Schedules or Special Events

Assigned to: Associate Editors

While regular-season schedules are handled by developers, post-season schedules are typically manually entered into the RadioTime database. Additionally, special events like special Super Bowl sports talk schedules must also be handled manually.

For instructions on how to manually add post-season schedules or special events, see Managing Games and Events.