Adding and Updating Logos

This document outlines the process used by RadioTime to collect logos used for stations and programs.

When to Get A Logo

  • Logos should be collected for any program on any rated program or station which include:
    • Any station that streams
    • All stations in the top 100 US markets
    • All programs on stations with more than 20,000 listeners
    • All programs on more than one station
    • Any featured program or station
    • Any otherwise interesting program or station
  • Logo tasks are normally combined with program/station update tasks since a logo is part of the task description.
  • Logo tasks can also be assigned through spreadsheets with the title, file name and Web URL.
  • The task history identifies any logo projects that have been completed or are outstanding.
  • Use the task history to identify outstanding logo assignments to avoid creating duplicate logo tasks for the same item. There can be a four-week lag between when a logo task is assigned and the final logo is on the server.

Identifying the Best Logo

  • The data administrator checks the source Web page to identify a suitable logo.
  • Logos nearly always come from the main Web page.
  • Often the Web page supplied for a program is a station page, and a better page — specific to the program — is available. If so, use it and also update the Web URL and other information on the program form.
  • Look for a colorful logo before a photo. However, a photo or a stylized treatment of the name is also acceptable.
  • The logo should be approximately 150×150 pixels or larger. The final logo will be sized to our standards.

Saving the Raw Logo Image

  • The data administrator saves the image.
    • Check to see if the entire logo can be saved as an image by the browser (“save picture as”). If the logo won’t be cropped (because the image is split), save it by naming it by the station number but keeping the original extension (e.g. theedge-log.gif might be saved as s12345.gif).
    • Otherwise, capture a BMP image of the screen using paint or another similar utility. Crop the image to include the entire logo, and save it with the proper name (e.g. s12345.bmp).

Returning Raw Logos For Processing

  • ZIP all the logos in a batch together, and return the file to RadioTime.

Sharing Existing Logos

  • The data administrator looks for existing logos to share.
    • The logo filename does not need to match the number. Affiliate logo a65432.png can be applied to any station or program for example.
    • Where the same logo applies to a set of items, copy the same logo name to each. For example, the standard BBC logo can be applied to BBC and some BBC programs. Search for the domain name to see where a single logo can apply. However, don’t apply a generic logo when a specific version is available.
    • Typically local news, weather and other generic programs should share the station logo. Get the logo name from the station, and copy it to the programs. Use the same process where multiple programs share the station’s logo.
    • If a program logo should use the station’s, and the station’s logo is still the default image (s0.png), first name a station logo properly and then copy this same for name to the program. Submit the raw logo file named for the station.
    • The logo name can be set on a station or a program before the logo has been completed, this “reserves” the logo to be used and prevents a logo task from being assigned.
    • If multiple stations share the same logo, copy the logo name from one station to another.
    • Don’t collect logos for repeater stations. They inherit their parent’s logo.
    • When a station changes format, check to see if a new logo should be created. If so, grab the new logo, name it and send it.

Logo File Name Rules

Logo files are named for the main item they represent: \[Prefix\]\[number\]\[optional "s" when small\].\["png"\]
  • For example, station 12345 would have the logo name “s12345.png”. Program 9876 would have the logo “p9876.png”.
The logo doesn’t need to match the name of the item. In other words, p70.png can be used on another program “Best of…”.

RadioTime Logo Review

  • RadioTime reviews thumbnails of logos –
    • looking for popular logos already existing (like ESPN), manually updating the item and discarding the logo.
    • returning cropped or otherwise unusable images for redo.

Logo Artist Processing

  • RadioTime forwards the batch to an artist who converts each to a standard format:
    • Normal size: 70×145
    • Small size: 50×70
    • Square size: 145×145 (for rated 4 and 5)
    • 32-bit PNG format, color, transparent background, radius corners
    • 2-3px margin
    • Two colors (\#fff5e9 and \#3b5094); fix colors where necessary
    • White glowing cloud instead of a background if the edges can’t be clean
  • The artist returns a batch of logo:
    • ZIP file with all logos named
    • ZIP file named for person and date of batch returned

RadioTime Updates Database

  • Converting the list of files into a table of filename, type and number
  • Checking for extra logos that don’t match any database entry (usually a typo in the name)
  • Checking for logos missing a small or normal size
  • Checking for logos identified on a database record but where the file is missing. Get a logo file or create tasks to collect these.
  • Updating the database with logo names
  • Creating JPG versions with a white background
  • Comparing any logos that replace older versions of the same file name
  • Copying new logo file to the \images\logo directory
  • Missing and orphan/obsolete logos are identified by a manual process

Sports Team Logos

  • Each team has a genre. Sports team logos are inherited from the genre logo.
  • Sports game programs have two genres: the first is the home team; the second is the visitor. This is used to show the game logos.

Default Logo Names

  • The default logo name for stations is 20.png. p0.png is used for programs. g0.png is used for genres.


  • On the program page, click the logo in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the logos that you want to revert to. They will be highlight with a yellow background.
  • Click the revert button. This will create a new entry in the upload archive with your selected logos. If you didn’t select a logo for each logo size, it will use the currently live version of that logo.
The changes won’t show up right away. You’ll have to wait for the logo importer to run and process the logos before the live logos actually get updated. They won’t show up in the upload queue again, but you can tell if someone reverted a logo by checking the revision history ( This feature may be restricted to administrators.

Uploading a Logo

If the logo is available as an image file on website:
  1. Find the URL of the logo image.
  2. Paste the URL into the logo upload form. Click “Upload.”
  3. Optional: Apply any needed crop settings and click the crop button.
  4. Click “Use Now” to submit the logo.
  5. You are done. Please do not edit the logo field on station/program.
If the logo is only available as part of a background image or a flash app, and you can’t find a better logo image on the station/program website or via Google Images:
  1. Take a screen capture.
  2. Crop the screen capture to the logo only.
  3. Save  the logo as a PNG.  DO NOT RESIZE.
  4. Upload the PNG using the Logo Upload Form.
  5. Click “Use Now” to submit the logo.
  6. You are done. Please do not edit the logo field on station/program.

Visual Crop Tool

The logo upload screen displays a ‘preview’ of the actual uploaded image (max 300px width or height).  Clicking on the Master Image will activate the visual crop tool.You can move and size the crop box to select the portion of the image that you want to crop. The crop fields at the bottom of the tool can be used to fine tune the crop.  Click “Crop” to crop the image.  The “Reset” button undoes any cropping. logo-upload-screenshot You shouldn’t need to use the visual crop tool very often. It should only be used when there is a large amount of padding on the logo image. A small amount of padding is OK; Be careful not to crop the image too tight.  Also note: the visual crop tool is working off a scaled version of the original so it will not be super precise.

Logo Detail Screen

The logo detail screen (ex: displays:
  • the live JPGs, PNGs and/or GIFs being displayed through RadioTime
  • images in the upload queue
  • images in the artist archive
  • images in the upload archive
The “re-upload feature” brings you back to the upload screen with the selected logo so that you can re-crop and submit an image. Note: The re-upload feature will help with older master logos where the crop settings weren’t maintained and need to be reapplied. The logo detail screen also shows any logo in the logo queue.  If a logo is in the queue, you shouldn’t use the revert feature from this screen.  Instead use the revert feature from the logo queue.