Station Field Rules

The document summarizes rules for collecting and entering basic radio station information. Updating stream information and station schedules are described in separate documents.

The information is listed in the same order as the RadioMill application station form.

Field Description and Rules Entry Example Typically Found
Call Sign The main identifier for the radio station. It usually but not always unique. Government-assigned identifiers are usually available for North American stations and sometimes other regions. Government IDs should be in uppercase. KCRW Main page, contact page
Name The name used on-air. Usually different than call letters, but short and memorable. If an identifier is not available then enter a copy of the Call Sign. Jack, The Fox, The Current, SuperJazz Rio Top of the page, accompanied by or part of a graphic or logo. Top of the page as a graphic.
Frequency The Frequency at which the station broadcasts.AM: 540-1700

FM: 88.0 to 107.9.

North American FM uses odd decimal numbers (i.e. 90.5)

Replace commas with decimals.

Web only stations do not have frequencies.
1080 97.1 107.5 Front page

Contact, information page

Each frequency is a different station

When more than one frequency is listed, enter the one for the city.

Do not adjust frequencies without approval from Kyle or Scott. Email or scott@radiotime with questions about frequency changes for AM/FM stations.
Band AM or FM. Streaming only stations are called “Web”Some TV stations are included if they are popular and have a streaming audio feed. We are not interested in shortwave stations AM FM Satellite Cable Main page
Slogan The catch-phrase used on-air, characterizing the stations programming and attitude.Retain the same capitalization and spacing from station page. Slogans in a foreign language are fine and are found in the same locations. The Future of Rock and Roll Your Music…Your World We put the ROCK in Rockford! Top of the page, situated on or around the station logo.

Usually an image, unable to copy and paste.

Sometimes in the slogan or obvious from the main page.

Do not adjust slogan for holiday programming.
Description A few sentences summarizing the station’s format and, possibly, the station’s history as well. Also, it might mention the station’s major personalities. In addition, it can mention sports franchises affiliated with the station. 98.5 The Sports Hub is the home of Toucher & Rich, the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins! We’re Boston’s Home For Sports… 98.5 The Sports Hub! User comments. Front page. Contact, information page
Location (City, State, Country) The City, State, and Country from which the station broadcasts.The location is used to automatically assign stations within a radio market region.

Use spelling to match the Language of the station: Munich if an English broadcast; München if German.

States are required for North American stations.

Internet-only stations should still have a location for the company producing the stream.

Locations are checked against a database of millions of city and country combinations.
Chennai, India Contact page— Contact Us… Bottom of the page

Sometimes a link located in the About Us section.

Google search page will often return results where you can find the location, Wikipedia for example.

The domain registration information can be used if no other information can be found for internet-only stations.

Use the verify button which checks spelling. If verify fails, scroll down to find the correct spelling.

Multiple cities mean multiple stations. If they broadcast the same audio they are called repeaters, enter the comment repeater. If you have been trained you can enter or check repeater details
Time Zone The station’s local time zone which includes GMT offset and daylight savings rules Eastern GMT + 5.5 (India) The default Time Zone should be set from the location. If needed use a resource like to find the correct time zone for a location.
Language The primary language spoken.Sites that offer programming in languages other than that spoken in the country are classified as multilingual. Swedish Language from web site. If you are unable to detect the language, you can use to try and detect the language.

The web url is often a clue based on the country and the major language in the country. is probably German since .de is Germany.
Website URL Link to the stations main website and important information.Leave http:// in the URL Sometimes the URL from your browser has extra information, please remove any session-specific detail If a URL is not supplied or is inactive, search for the station’s site using the Google link on the form. Link to the radio station page if available, not the main page of a radio group or a media company. Do not link to another radio directory
Schedule URL A page displaying the programming schedule. If no information about the station lineup is available leave this field empty. Lineup, Schedule or Programming On-Air Staff, Personalities
Genre Genres are a general description of the type of programming a station offers. Three genres can be assigned per station, so choose categories that summarize a station best.

Sometimes the genre can be found in the slogan “Classic Rock 107.5”Assign the most specific Genre available, for example Christian rather than Religion. If assigning a specific-genre you do not need to add the category.

Use the English spelling of the genre.

If the genre changes completely, then the lineup needs to be updated – delete the old and assign a new task.

Print the station genre reference to review and understand genres available. Pick the best options from the main station page. This field requires some judgment and basic understanding of music types.
Affiliations Relationships with major station, broadcast networks, or sports teams. Radio Disney Dallas Cowboys Radio Network BBC Fox News Look on the about page. Affiliations are often shared with station groups, for example NPR. See separate document for managing affiliations.

Some affiliations have been inherited based on the schedule, for example any station that broadcast “Morning Edition” is an NPR affiliate.


Listener contact information.


3500 Maple Avenue
Suite 1310
Dallas, Texas 75219
Get the main listener call in-number and email from the station’s contact or about us page.

The phone number should be written in the format used in the broadcaster’s country. For example, WWDC, Washington DC: (240) 747-2700; BBC, London: +44 20 7743 8000
Owner Company or individual with majority ownership of the station. CBS Radio

Vatican Radio
Ownership is usually listed under the about page.

Use the public name in place of holding companies or legacy groups, for example Clear Channel instead of AMFM Fund4. This is often insider information which is scrubbed by major company on a periodic basis as another project.
School An educational facility associated with the station, normally a University or High School. Otherwise leave blank

Sometimes included in the slogan.
The University of Texas Contact Page “About Us”
Power/HAAT Daytime transmission power in watts and the antenna height above the average surrounding terrain in feet. 100000 2100 Look under about us. The information is listed in the FCC database and
Listeners/Share The average number of unique listeners across 7×24 week

The average share of listenership for their market.

The information is used for overall rating.
23000 3.4 This information is maintained by a separate process using Arbitron and European sources.
Logo File name of the default logo representing the station. s14386.png Use the same logo if it applies across a station group, for example Radio Disney stations all use the same logo.

Don’t share logos where affiliates have substantially different programming. ESPN logo is good when the station has almost no local character. But use the station’s own customized Fox news logo if the station produces their own programming.

Do not adjust logos for temporary holiday programming.  For example, many US and Canadian stations change logos for November and December to correlate with Christmas programming, there is no need to upload the Christmas logos.

Another document describes the process of selecting and collecting logos.
Comments Comments are internal and used to save notes for the station. Comments can record further work for a specialist, see the examples

If using Radio Mill create a task instead to assign specialist work instead of entering a comment.
URL (no site found) Check (data is unclear)

Repeater 00000 (this is likely a repeater of 0000)

Dupe (this is likely a duplicate of 00000)

Lang (cannot determine the language)
Use the notepad icon to enter notes that need a date stamp.
Visible Defines if the station is include for user access. Uncheck to hide the station for any reason, for example the station is dark, a duplicate, or temporarily unavailable
HD Defines if the station is broadcasting in HD or DAB format The station may advertise they broadcast in HD. Or, the station is listed under The main HD feed is named normally. However HD2 and HD3 feeds are entered as unique stations sharing the location and region information, but with their name, genre, stream, etc. HD2/3 stations should have HD2 in the call sign and name.
Public Checked if the station is owned or operated by a government entity, including most public educational institutions. Look on the contact page for government sponsorship
Stream Indicates if the station claims or is known to stream, this does not mean a working stream is available now. If consecutive checks for more than 60 days find now available stream, uncheck the box even when the station promises a stream. Actual streams information is described in another document. Listen Live, Listen Now Picture of headphones, radio, etc.
Network Defines if the schedule associated with this station is a network feed shared by other stations
Parent The station number to identify the audio source repeated. Normal stations have a value of 0. Stations with parents, or repeaters, use the location, frequency, and call sign information. Everything else displayed is from the parent including logo, genre, etc. 12345 Another document defines rules for identifying repeaters and duplicates.
Duplicate The station number of a replacement for the current station. This field is used to consolidate information about this station into the one entered.. Another document defines rules for identifying repeaters and duplicates.
Region Stations and programs belong to a geographical region defined as Continent, Country, City or Market. India Paris Dallas-Fort Worth Regions are automatically calculated from the location. Use the region form to manually correct incorrect information reported

Repeaters and Duplicates

Duplicates are identical stations, in the same location with same freq. Sometimes the names are spelled slightly different. Enter the word “dupe” plus the station_n for the duplicate found.

Repeaters broadcast the same audio schedule but different locations. Update the frequency and location for the individual station and make a comment “repeater 11420” means this station is a repeater for station 11420. If more than 2 repeaters are listed then make a comment “repeater project”

The primary station of a repeater group is the main contact location. If the schedule lineup is not identical, then the stations are independent. If each station is a different language they are not repeaters. If multiple stations share the same Internet stream they are repeaters.

HD Radio Rules

Thousands of US stations now transmit in HD or High Definition terrestrial digital broadcast. This section summarizes rules for managing HD station information.

HD stations broadcast the main feed in digital quality. HD radios will switch to the digital signal when available, or use the analog.

HD stations may offer additional sub-channels with different content. A current list of HD stations is available from

Main HD Station

The main HD station is defined by simply setting the HD checkbox on the bottom section of the Station Form. Likewise, the main or base call sign follows the normal FCC rules. An -FM appended as required to distinguish from an AM station using the same call sign. No other changes are necessary for the base HD station broadcast.

HD Station Sub Channels

HD radio offers “stations between the stations”, for example KASE-HD2. The stations are known as either HD2, or HD3.

Subchannels stations share the location, frequency of the main station.

However HD subchannels are unique stations with their own call sign, name, format, streams, schedule, and all other data.

Subchannels should use the base call sign appended -HD2 like the example above.

To maintain local coverage strength information, subchannels should be mapped to same FCC source map used for the primary station (the same FCC facility ID and same coverage assumes).

The call sign for HD2 stations ends with “-HD2.” For example, the call sign for the HD2 signal of WWDC is WWDC-HD2.

Note: uses a frequency -2 to denote subchannels. HD radio devices also show a sub channel as -2

HD2/3 as Repeaters

HD2 and HD3 stations are unique stations that always share the location and frequency of the main station. These stations are often repeaters of a parent station completely unrelated to the main station.

Simply enter a parent number in the HD2/HD3 station as normal to have it use the name, slogan, genre, stream, and schedule from the parent.

Clear Channel Format Lab produces about 100 internet stations that are often used as the audio for local HD2 and HD3 stations.

Others stations re-broadcast the audio of a sister AM station on the FM HD2 channel.