Updating Listener Contact Information

This document outlines rules for collecting listener contact information for stations and shows.

You’ll find fields for entering listener contact information on the Station and Show detail forms.

The listener contact form

The listener contact form

These populate the information on RadioTime.com detail pages shown below:

A station details page

A station details page

Finding Listener Contact Information

Look for the primary listener contact e-mail, phone and street address. These are often listed on the “Contact” or “About Us” page.

When multiple options are listed, pick the one most likely meant for a listener — rather than advertisers, for example.

Formatting Listener Contact

These fields are not checked and are saved as text:


Enter the e-mail address as listed — without mailto: or any other text.


Enter the phone number using a hyphen (not a period) to separate numbers.  Include a country code if the station or program lists it.


The address block should include breaks for a traditional mailing format:

Address1 Address2 City, State[, Country]

Leave the address blank unless a street address is available. Only include the country name when it is different than the station or program location.

Note that the city name will usually match the city listed in the station or program location. Use spelling to match the language of the station (e.g. Munich if an English broadcast; München if German).

When to Get Program Listener Contact Information

Non-syndicated programs display station contact information unless program contact information is entered. That means you should add local program contact information when it is different than the station.